When a fic you’re really enjoying unexpectedly turns horribly OOC


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Friendship is not background noise to your love life!!!! Friends are not secondary characters in your romance plot!!!!

Fall in love with your friends! Treat them well! Treasure your friendships!

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that feel when you’ve reached that tier of friendship where you see porn of a certain character and your first thought is “HOLY SHIT ____ HAS TO SEE THIS”

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Life Tip: Don’t allow Tumblr to become your primary/only source for morality. Remember, this is the site which had many people genuinely believe that they can get unlimited chocolate just by slicing it a certain way. I know I certainly wouldn’t want these people dictating my worldview for me.

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idk man there’s just something really flattering about people who acknowledge your existence even when you’re not with them

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Mankanshoku Korokke!

Happy Kill la Kill Finale Day everyone!

I made croquettes for the first time and it was really fun and pretty easy too! I mostly followed the framework of this recipe, but I’m all about messing around in the kitchen so I threw in some cayenne and a little vanilla into the batter to give them a little more oomph. Also, I used Yukon Gold potatoes instead of russets which may have made the croquettes a little more flimsy but russets taste like cardboard compared to the buttery goodness of Yukon Golds so w/e.

Things I learned:

  • Nothing is gonna look pretty after being deep-fried in cast iron but holy shit will it taste good so who cares?
  • I need a vegetable peeler - that dull paring knife made peeling potatoes a chore.
  • Tonkatsu Sauce is the best.

I won’t be able to actually watch the finale until late tonight (got a party to go to) so no one spoil it for me!


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"Joltik, the Attaching Pokemon. Joltik cling to larger Pokemon and absorb static electricity, storing it in a special pouch. Joltik that live in cities have learned a technique for sucking electricity from the outlets in houses."

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Pretend you’re me and write me an “About Me”.

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Bass Appreciation

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